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Boost Biz With A Consistent Online Presence

Internet marketing often feels like a game where the rules are constantly changing. But a trend that remains steady is that more consumers are buying goods online each year, says Greg Jameson, best-selling author, speaker and consultant, as well as a specialty online retailer himself. Continue reading

What Election? Use Events To Counter Negativity

If ever there was a time to embrace positivity in your stores, this is it. As the fall selling season begins, election coverage also kicks into high gear. There will be more ads, more media buzz, more negativity and noise. What’s a retailer to do? Bob Phibbs, CEO of The Retail Doctor, says the season presents a great opportunity — if retailers stay positive and above the fray. Continue reading

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  • $15 Or More, Cost
  • Tabletop/Accessories
  • Humor/Whimsy
  • Frames
  • Greeting Cards
  • Message Jewelry
  • Non-Jar Candles
  • $5 Or Less, Cost

The Humor/Whimsy chart has the most changes this month, as two years have passed since we tracked the category. Note the popularity of towels, signs and socks.

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